Materials we use


We work with suppliers that provide us with the best quality for our products. among the materials that we can mention are Stainless Steel, Gold filled, Ceramic Gold Plated, Gemstone Beads, Natural Raw Stones, among other materials.

With proper care, it can last for a long time. So here we have some tips that may be useful for you.

What not to do?
Do not wet them with salt water frequently.
Do not place perfumes or toxic lotions that contain alcohol or its derivatives.
Do not regulate alcohol or acetone.

What you can do?
Tips that you can use to make your clothes last over time:
Store it in a protective jewelry box or jewelry bag to prevent scratches.
For cleaning you can use a special towel for garments.
do not sleep with your clothes as they can deteriorate with weight and movement.

The best material that we recommend is Stainless Steel cause is a type of material composed mostly of iron. It is used with other materials on some occasions such as gold. It is a safety material for the skin, easy to conserve and long lasting.

It is also waterproof (regular and salt water) and resistant in general.

Clothing and Hijabs:

We have differents types of fabrics which will be specific on Product description. We recommend wash every piece with cold water and standing dry open air no hot dryer use.